Finding That Silver Lining Through Karaoke


This is the time of year for those “post-Christmas blues.” The holidays have come and gone, the weather is cold and forbidding, and looking at your post-holiday bank statement has left you feeling like you’ve been hit by a truck! Many people who deal with depression are hit pretty hard in the winter months as the come-down from the excitement of the holidays mixes with cold weather and overcast skies. But there are ways to fight through the winter “blahs,” and music can be a major factor!

In a study released in 2012 by the Department of Experimental Psychology, University of Oxford, researchers found that the actual act of singing releases endorphins. These are the same chemical compounds released by the brain that result in a temporary “high” after an intense bike ride, yoga class, or weight-training session. Researchers found that this release of endorphins was much greater in those subjects who actually performed musically rather than those who simply listened to music passively. That’s right; singing literally makes you feel good!

So get off your couch, crank up the music, and belt it out at the top of your lungs! Who cares how you sound? You’re not trying to win a Grammy, you’re living life to the fullest and tracking down that silver lining!

Bruno Mars, Pirate King?

Wireless Festival 2011 - Day 1

Okay… maybe not exactly. Well, at least not in the way you’re probably thinking. Our inside sources have recently confirmed that the Grammy Award winner does not, in fact, wear an eye patch, have a peg-leg, or tote around a beloved parrot. Nor, to our knowledge, does he engage in any pillaging-like activities. According to the data analysis firm Musicmetric, however, Mars was the most pirated artist of 2013 with his songs garnering nearly 5.8 million illegal downloads!

This astonishing number places Bruno at the top of the list, edging out Rihanna, who’s music was hit 5.4 million times in 2013. Rounding out the top five are Daft Punk (4.2 million), Justin Timberlake (3.9 million), and Flo Rida (3.5 million). Honorable mentions, so to speak, are Kanye West, Eminem, Jay Z, Drake and Pitbull, all of whom also earned high illegal download numbers.


On an interesting side-note, Musicmetric also previously reported that Beyoncé’s newest self-titled album was illegally downloaded nearly 240,000 times in it’s first week alone! Almost a quarter of a million pirated hits in a week?! That’s a lot of booty… even for Beyoncé!

Post-Turkey Day Thankfulness: The gym!


We’ve been here before. Actually, we wind up here every year. Thanksgiving has come and gone, we ate way too much, and then did it again the next day as we ransacked the fridge for those better-than-fresh left-overs! But now the holiday weekend is over and it’s time to get back to the real world and that includes taking our happy butts to the gym. After all, the next food-induced free-for-all weekend is fast approaching!

It’s hard to get motivated after a weekend of big eats and sweet treats, so let Karaoke Cloud help with a few inspirational tunes to get you up and moving.

We Will Rock You: Queen – This classic can be found blaring over the loud-speakers at any sporting event word-wide and there’s good reason. The driving beat and canned group participation practically screams, “Hey! Get up and get moving!”

Good Feeling: Flo Rida – Even if you’re not a rap fan you can’t deny the good vibe created by this song. Fast paced and packed full of inspirational lyrics, Flo Rida will have you feeling damn good while you’re pounding the pavement or doing work on the elliptical.

Back In Black: AC/DC – Back to the classics with Back In Black, arguably AC/DC’s most popular song (thanks in no small part to Iron Man 2). It’s hard to find a more perfect jam for hitting the weights after a little too much time off. Ironically, It could also be looked at as a recovery anthem for your bank account following Black Friday.

We wish you all the best of luck in getting back into your fitness routine. Whatever your personal taste in music genre and style, Karaoke Cloud and KaraokeOnVEVO have got you covered. Find something that motivates and inspires you then get out there and take care of yourself! The gym beckons and I couldn’t be more thankful.