Karaoke Thankfulness: True Friends

Joined Hands

This time of year we always talk about “friends and family” and there’s a reason that we put them together in the same category. I don’t know about you, but there have been times when I felt closer to my best friends than I did members of my own family. Sure, sometimes we drive each other crazy, but we’re always there for each other through thick and thin.

The fact of the matter is that we all need a little help now and then. When we’re down and out and feeling like we’re about to fall apart, who’s there to pick up the pieces? When your girlfriend breaks up with you, who forces your lazy depressed butt to get up and get dressed then takes you to the strip club? When your boyfriend says it’s over, who takes you shopping until you’re ready to collapse from exhaustion? True friends point us toward to light at the end of the tunnel even when we might not be able to see it for ourselves.

Variety is the spice of life and our friends definitely come in all shapes and sizes. There’s the “work buddy,” the only person at the office you can tell that one joke to without fear of a lawsuit. The “dependable one” who will bail you out of jail after a night of having just a little too much fun. The “best friend” who can’t bail you out because he/she is sitting right next to you in the slammer. Then there are “the ones we don’t talk about.” Most of us have at least one of these friends. They may not be the best in social situations and it probably wouldn’t be a great idea for them to spend too much time with your family telling stories (which you later vehemently deny), but they would do anything for you and the feeling is mutual.

Other than family there are no more important people in our lives than our friends. During this season of Thanksgiving make sure that they realize just how much you care about them. After all, as an old Sicilian saying puts it, “friends are the family you choose for yourself.”