Keep It Down! UK man’s love for Celine Dion too much for neighbors

Loud music may damage your hearing... and piss off your neighbors!

Loud music may damage your hearing… and piss off your neighbors!

I love my music and I love it loud! Five Finger Death Punch, Metallica, Godsmack; there isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t crank it up in my apartment, and yes, I’m sure my neighbors love me for it. Thankfully I’ve not yet received any noise complaints (that I know of). Gareth Davies did, however, and apparently didn’t give a damn. That is until law enforcement confiscated all of his music and audio equipment!

Davies, a 47-year-old UK resident, had a nasty habit of driving his neighbors crazy by cranking up his beloved Celine Dion. According to, Mr. Davies repeatedly blasted “My Heart Will Go On” day and night in spite of a noise-abatement notice received from officials. After a whopping six repeated violations, the authorities had finally had enough. Police reportedly seized his entire music collection along with all of his audio equipment, including his Playstation 3, speakers, and television! All because of his love for the Canadian princess of pop.

To be fair, it wasn’t all Celine’s fault. Mr. Davies apparently had a thing for James Brown, too, as he was known to treat his neighbors to repeated performances from the Godfather of Soul and, strangely enough, the theme song from Toy Story. Whatever floats your boat… or ticks off your neighbors.

While the confiscation of all his music (and apparently his entire entertainment center) may seem a bit extreme, authorities have made it clear that Mr. Davies will have the ability to apply for the return of all his equipment in a month’s time. I’m not sure which would be worse, a month without music or a month without video games.

Every Day Should Be Veterans Day: A patriotic top-5!



Patriotism in the United States reaches a climax around this time every year. Every Veterans Day we all take the time to remember those who have fought and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy every single day, just as we should. I personally could not be prouder of our men and women in uniform, past and present. So why am I posting this blog the day after Veterans Day? To make this point: Every day should be Veterans Day! One day just isn’t enough. We should never forget those who have gone before or those who will sacrifice everything tomorrow. We should be eternally grateful and show that appreciation continuously.

In that spirit of thankfulness, we present to you (in no particular order) five of the most beloved patriotic songs in history.

And we start with…the Boss. Bruce Springsteen may be a karaoke holdout (not allowing his iconic songs to be licensed for karaoke), but it’s impossible to deny that “Born In The USA” is, without a doubt, as American as it gets.

In 1985 James Brown released a monumental single that became a pop-culture phenomenon. “Living in America” was featured prominently in the movie “Rocky IV” with the Godfather himself performing the song flanked by showgirls, American flags, and fireworks. I ask you, does it get more patriotic than that?

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Lee Greenwood belt out his most beloved song “God Bless The USA” at a live event in Sevierville, TN. I’m not a very emotional person, but I’m not afraid to admit that night my eyes welled up. Amazing song…amazing tribute.

So far we’ve heard from the Boss, the Godfather, and one of the great patriots. Now it’s time to listen to the King. Written by country singer/songwriter Mickey Newbury, “An American Trilogy” was made famous (huge understatement) by Elvis Presley who incorporated it as a regular part of his concert routine in the 1970’s. Take a little time and pay tribute to both the King and our great nation…

Rounding out our list in the High Priest, Brother Ray! America is all about soul and no one embodies soul more than Motown great Ray Charles. Leaving his rendition of “America The Beautiful” off this list would be like leaving syrup off of pancakes; un-American!

I hope you all had a wonderful Veterans Day, but please remember to keep the men and women of our armed forces in your thoughts and prayers every day of the year.