Karaoke Christmas Bundle Spotlight: “Jingle Bells”

Jingle bells

Only two more days before Christmas!! I don’t know about you, but I turn into a little kid again at this time of year. Like millions of people across the world, one of my favorite Christmas songs when I was a kid was “Jingle Bells.” Upbeat and care-free, Jingle Bells is a perfect representation of the Christmas spirit, but did you know that it wasn’t originally intended to be a Christmas song at all?

One of the best-known Christmas carols of all time, Jingle Bells was written by James Lord Pierpont and published in the fall of 1857 with the original title “One Horse Open Sleigh.” Though it has become a mainstay of Western Christmas tradition, the song was originally meant to be sung as a celebration of another popular American holiday, Thanksgiving.

Though speculation varies with regard to exactly where and when Pierpont actually penned the song, the subject matter is much less vague. According to the Medford Historical Society in Medford, Massachusetts (in which Pierpont lived for a brief time with his wife and three children), Jingle Bells was inspired by the popular sleigh races held in the town through the 19th century.

Since its original phonograph (Edison) cylinder recording by the Edison Male Quartette in 1898, Jingle Bells has been performed and recorded by multiple artists, including Lois Armstrong, Nat King Cole, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, and ‘N Sync.

And now it’s your turn! Whether it’s the more updated urban version below (found on our KaraokeOnVEVO Youtube channel) or the more traditional version available on both Karaoke Cloud and our free Sing-N-Share app, it’s time to do your best tribute to this beloved Christmas classic. Peace and joy, my friends!