Biggest Little Karaoke In The World


The cool folks over at indie-news outlet Reno News & Review weigh in with an excellent profile of karaoke in their biggest little neck of the desert. We especially dig their breakdown of why karaoke remains popular decades after being dismissed as a fad:

It’s the fact that it welcomes all types. It offers immediate acceptance—you’ll get clapped one way or another. Whether it’s because you’re just that good, or because the audience is just that glad you’re getting off the stage. It’s the one sport where the worst players are the most respected—hey, they had the balls to get up there.

That’s the gospel, right there. The article goes on to sketch out profiles of a few familiar faces in the Reno karaoke scene, including one fellow whose set list is restricted to AC/DC (and apparently has the pipes to back it up). We totes get it, “AC/DC Joe” – “Shoot To Thrill” would be on our permanent rotation if we had the chops to pull it off.

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