Beyonce gorgeous in her latest selfie

Bey-RoseQueen “B” is at it again! All the gossip and rumors about Beyonce’s marriage, photoshopped pictures, and possible new pregnancy haven’t seemed to phase her one bit…. Over the weekend Beyonce posted a picture on her personal Instagram account with seemingly no makeup on her face and wearing nothing but a rose crown on her head! This is the second time this year that Beyonce has posted a “no makeup selfie”. Could she be responding to all the backlash she has been getting for her possibly photoshopping other pictures on Instagram? The reasons don’t seem to be quite clear!

However, Beyonce does look simply beautiful in her selfie with no makeup on. The pop star seems to still be at the top of her game at the age of 33!

What do you guys think? Does “Queen B” still have the same appeal as she did in 2003 when she released the single “Dangerously in Love” ? Beyonce released the single just a year after departing from the famous girl- group “Destiny’s Child”. The song propelled Beyonce into a solo star as it became a worldwide hit! Doing some karaoke to “Dangerously in Love” is SURE to turn up your Monday!

NMPA takes aim at Karafun karaoke site


That National Music Publishers Association announced yesterday they are taking aim at sites they’ve concluded are illegally serving up lyrics and benefiting from advertising, subscriptions, or venture funding. Working on an algorithm from a University of Georgia researcher, they’ve identified 50 sites they say are the worst offenders.

On the list the NMPA published is karaoke site Karafun. Lyrics are an integral part of any karaoke setup – if there’s no lyric scroll, it’s basically just a backing track. So it’s no surprise that a karaoke site got caught up in the dragnet.

As you can see by the screenshot below, Karafun is offering several songs by songwriters that are on the Karaoke No-Fly List. And there’s plenty more forbidden karaoke there, including The Eagles, Bruce Springsteen, and Dan Fogelberg.

Based in France, Karafun may be licensed to do business in the Eurozone, but without licenses in the USA, lyrics and karaoke sites can’ t legally do business here.

The sad part is, unlike a karaoke video-sync license, it’s not actually hard to get a lyrics license. Musixmatch and LyricsFind both offer quick and inexpensive ways to do so.

As long as lyrics sites are monetizing themselves with advertising or subscriptions, then they’re profiting at least in part from someone else’s work. Why not do the right thing and just buy the license already?


Karaoke Mailbag – About that No-Fly List…


A professional karaoke jockey wrote us to ask about the No-Fly List of songwriters who don’t allow their tunes to be reproduced as karaoke:

How does it work when some of these people are on collections already purchased and in my library? Many of those big names are on Top Tunes and Sound Choice cdg’s. Was it legal at one point and then they changed their minds? Are previously purchased cdg’s grandfathered?

Yes, songwriters move onto and off of the No-Fly List occasionally. For instance, Adele recently rescinded her allowance for karaoke after much product was already released to the market and moved on the list. Another major songwriter is about to move off the list (can’t say who or when yet). There are some songwriters who are okay to karaoke with one publisher, but who subsequently moved to a different publisher that doesn’t allow it, and vice versa.

Our legal team is of the opinion that if the songs were licensed at the time you purchased the songs, you should be okay (bear in mind this is an opinion and not established law or precedent). This can be very problematic in practice, however – how can you know that the song was licensed at the time of purchase, since no karaoke company is in the regular habit of disclosing their licensing deals?

The only sure way we know of to be completely clean is to not play any of the songwriters on the list. It is our hope over time to encourage as many songwriters as we can to remove their names from the list, through strong revenue growth that demonstrates to the songwriters that karaoke is no longer the “wild, wild west”. It’s the only way we can see to accommodate your singers, the songwriters, the KJs and the karaoke companies.

Ten Great Karaoke Songs for Labor Day Weekend


The days are getting shorter and it’s time to celebrate summer’s last hurrah. In the USA, that means a long weekend, the start of football season, backyard barbecues, pool parties, and trips out of town to blow off steam. Here’s ten great karaoke songs chosen especially to highlight your Labor Day weekend.

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Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die

All discs go to heaven...

Karaoke Cloud is where karaoke discs go when they die.

Music listeners continue flocking to online cloud-based delivery systems, and DigiTrax Entertainment is betting that the professional karaoke jockey and the casual karaoke fan will too.

A report from research outfit The NPD Group released earlier this year cited data gathered from 13- to 35-year-olds indicating that free and subscription-based streaming music services accounted for almost one quarter of those consumers’ average weekly music listening time, up from 17 percent in the previous year.

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Squared-away Karaoke CEO Started Out Punk

Joseph Vangieri’s experiences as a drummer in NYC punk and new-wave bands helped prep him to serve as the CEO of DigiTrax Entertainment, create, lead that company to the forefront of its industry, and blaze new trails in the tech space.

Joe Vangieri in his new-wave days with The Abstracts, in the early 1980's

Joe Vangieri in his new-wave days with The Abstracts, in the early 1980’s.

DigiTrax Entertainment’s CEO Joseph Vangieri, who has led the company into a position at the forefront of the karaoke market and innovated throughout the industry, got his start in music as a drummer for punk and new-wave bands in New York City. It may have been the perfect place to start.

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Music Genius Mark Radice Joins DigiTrax Entertainment

DigiTrax Entertainment heralds the addition of composer, musician and Emmy-nominated songwriter Mark Radice, whose credits include Aerosmith, Cheap Trick, Barbra Streisand, Gene Simmons – and Sesame Street’s Muppets. Details and a classic video below the break.


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Bon Jovi, won’t you please come home?

Lonely Denim

In the wake of the Karaoke Cloud Summit, the music industry is questioning the judgment of songwriters like Bon Jovi, for banning his songs to be sung as karaoke tracks in America, despite their widespread availability and use outside the United States.

“When you think of American rock legends, Bon Jovi is near the top of the list, but he refuses to license his songs for karaoke use in the United States. It’s ironic,” Karaoke Cloud CEO Joseph Vangieri said regarding the rock and roller’s karaoke ban.

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Details emerge on Karaoke Summit 2013


The official website for this year’s Karaoke Summit has been updated, and includes an intriguing entry in the agenda.

Set to appear at 10:30 am is Natalie Madaj, who is a legal fellow at the National Music Publisher’s Association. The title of the talk is “Reform Sync Licensing Now”, which has us fascinated. Coupled with the appearance of Allen Jacobi, who’s widely regarded as a top entertainment licensing and copyright attorney, this is shaping up to be an interesting line-up.

Is it possible we could be witnesses to a paradigm shift in the way publishers view karaoke licensing? It’s hard to tell from the information given.

ABKCO v Stellar pretty much gutted the industry way-back-when as the dominoes began toppling over licensing disputes. If karaoke could shed the video sync license requirement, perhaps even (dare we dream it) become compulsory, like some economic zones enjoy, there could be a karaoke renaissance in the USA.

That would be a major boost to labels, KJ’s, singers, publishers…. pretty much everyone involved in the industry.

Update 3:11 pm: The streaming channel link has just been released