KaraokeOnVEVO Surpasses Quarter-Million Mark in 6 Months!



In October of last year (2012) DigiTrax Entertainment tentatively launched its YouTube channel KaraokeOnVEVO. Though the site was then “officially” up, the interactive media powerhouse didn’t begin adding content until May, 2013. Since that time KaraokeOnVEVO (KOV) has surged to over 225k subscribers and more than 65 million views, a feat almost unheard of without significant marketing or advertising.

“KaraokeOnVEVO was initially a test product, an ‘alpha release,’ if you will,” stated David Grimes, marketing and public relations manager for DigiTrax Entertainment. “And, to a great extent, it still is! After the initial set-up we spent the next six months or so testing out the technology and working on the back-end with special licensing details, which are never simple.” Now that KOV includes over 5,500 hit songs form the Karaoke Cloud catalog, with 30-40 new songs being added every month, “It’s beginning to snowball,” continued Mr. Grimes. “We’ve spent practically no money promoting this product and we’ve earned over a quarter of a million subscribers and 65 million views by word-of-mouth alone.”


A “test” product with 225k subscribers?! Holy $#@&! Those of you who have been following this blog for a while know what KaraokeOnVEVO is all about: good times! 5,500 songs available anywhere and anytime you have access to YouTube? Sure doesn’t seem like a “test” program to me, but when you consider the fact that Karaoke Cloud includes more than twice that many songs it’s hard to imagine how much the KaraokeOnVEVO channel will grow as DigiTrax continues to develop and add to it.