Psy Dominates YouTube’s 10 Most Liked Videos EVAR!

Psy calims the throne in YouTube's 10 most liked videos of all time! (Photo: courtesy of

Psy claims the throne in YouTube’s 10 most liked videos of all time! (Photo: courtesy of

Over the years YouTube has become the place to find out how the world truly feels about celebrities, especially in the music genre. If you’ve ever spent more than 30 seconds on the site you know that fans and haters alike don’t exactly hold back with their opinions about the videos or, more often than not, each other. Still, this interaction and the ability to like or dislike the videos has made YouTube an undeniable measuring stick for pop-culture trends.

Now BuzzFeed has posted a video (of course) listing the “most liked” YouTube videos of all time in one compilation. This is certain to change over time, but for now here are the videos that people all over the world have voted as the best of the net.

I’ve always found it interesting how a video with an amazing amount of “likes” can also be one of the most hated videos on the internet. For example, Miley Cyrus’ “Wrecking Ball,” the sixth most liked video on YouTube is also, and possibly more impressively, the #3 most disliked video! Even better, Justin Bieber’s “Baby,” the fifth most liked YouTube video, is also the single most hated video on the internet with more than 4 million thumbs down votes. Congrats, Justin.

However, it’s the Korean phenomenon known as Psy who completely dominates the list with two top 5 entries. He took the #3 slot with his hit “Gentlemen,” the comedic anthem for a-holes earning more than 3 million likes. Vastly more impressive, however, is his 2012 breakout video “Gangnam Style,” which, thus far, has lead almost 8.5 million people to hit that little thumbs up icon. That’s a difference of more than 5.2 million people from its closest competitor, Ylvis’ “What Does The Fox Say!” Now get this; the same video has been viewed by more than 2 billion people worldwide! That’s billion. With a B! As in mind-Boggling! There is no disputing that Psy is the reigning king of YouTube.

Psy And Snoop Get Drunk And Krunk, But Is It Too Much?

Psy teams with Snoop Dogg in crazy new video that leaves some fans shaking their heads (Photo:

Psy teams with Snoop Dogg in crazy new video that leaves some fans shaking their heads (Photo:

Two years ago a relatively unknown Korean rapper by the name of “Psy” became a world-wide pop-culture phenom and spawned an inescapable international dance craze with the release of his hit song “Gangnam Style.” The song and its comical companion video, which just recently surpassed the 2 billion (that’s right… billion!) viewer mark on YouTube, launched Psy into superstar status almost overnight. And now he’s at it again with his newest internet sensation, “Hangover.”

This time, however, Psy teams up with the legendary (and infamous) Snoop Dogg (aka Snoop Lion) to takes his image in a drastically new direction, that of an overindulgent, alcohol-fueled partygoer enjoying the “perks” of stardom. Or as Lindsay Lohan calls it, “an average Tuesday.” 😉

Published just three days ago (June 8), the video has already garnered more than 38 million views on Psy’s official YouTube channel and is generating a plethora of mixed responses ranging from praise to outright disgust. Then there are those who fall somewhere in the middle. As one commenter put it, “This song is 50% s–t, and 50% amazing!” Lmao. Way to be 100% noncommittal.

Love him or hate him, Psy is back and it doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere anytime soon. Will “Hangover” come anywhere near to the success of “Gangnam Style?” Only time will tell, but my guess is no, if for no other reason than the fact that for all of it’s ridiculousness, there just isn’t anything special about it. Sure, it’s fun and has star power, but I don’t see anything setting it apart from all the other dance songs/videos out there. Just my opinion.

Plus, it’s hard to beat that iconic “horse” dance…