Beyonce gorgeous in her latest selfie

Bey-RoseQueen “B” is at it again! All the gossip and rumors about Beyonce’s marriage, photoshopped pictures, and possible new pregnancy haven’t seemed to phase her one bit…. Over the weekend Beyonce posted a picture on her personal Instagram account with seemingly no makeup on her face and wearing nothing but a rose crown on her head! This is the second time this year that Beyonce has posted a “no makeup selfie”. Could she be responding to all the backlash she has been getting for her possibly photoshopping other pictures on Instagram? The reasons don’t seem to be quite clear!

However, Beyonce does look simply beautiful in her selfie with no makeup on. The pop star seems to still be at the top of her game at the age of 33!

What do you guys think? Does “Queen B” still have the same appeal as she did in 2003 when she released the single “Dangerously in Love” ? Beyonce released the single just a year after departing from the famous girl- group “Destiny’s Child”. The song propelled Beyonce into a solo star as it became a worldwide hit! Doing some karaoke to “Dangerously in Love” is SURE to turn up your Monday!

Toby Keith Rake$ it in! Edges out Taylor Swift as highest paid country star 2 years running.

Keith's abilities as both an entertainer and a business owner make him the highest paid country music star in the world (Photo: courtesy of

Keith’s abilities as both an entertainer and a business owner make him the highest paid country music star in the world (Photo: courtesy of

Toby Keith reigns as the king of country for the second year in a row according to Forbes. For two years straight, Keith has topped the financial magazine’s annual list as the highest paid superstar in country music, raking in an astounding $65 million this year alone. Even more impressive is the fact that the crooner has earned an estimated $335 over the past six years. Nice!

Keith’s success isn’t tied solely to his skills as a musician, however, as his entrepreneurial side has greatly impacted his estimated wealth. Not only does the “Big Dog” own his own record label (Show Dog-Universal), but he has also enjoyed both a longtime partnership with auto-industry giant Ford and a successful run in the food/beverage industry. Keith owns a successful chain of restaurants, appropriately named I Love This Bar and Grill, along with Wild Shot Mezcal, his own line of premium alcohol. The moral of the story? Do what you know.

Running an extremely close second to Keith was the ever-popular Taylor Swift with a paltry $64 million. Aww… poor thing. Rounding out the top five were Kenny Chesney ($44M), Jason Aldean ($37M), and Luke Bryan ($34M). You can check out the full article here.

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Epicly Misheard Song Lyrics Make For A Great Mid-Week Laugh

Retro microphone on stage

One of the best things about karaoke is the fact that it’s pretty hard to get the lyrics wrong. After all, we put them right in front of your face so unless you have eyesight or alcohol problems, mishearing and singing the wrong lyrics shouldn’t be much of a problem. The same, however, can’t necessarily be said of your personal mobile concerts as you jam along to the tunes blaring from your car radio.

We’ve all done it, replaced unclear lyrics in our favorite songs with words that at least sound relatively similar to the artist’s seemingly garbled enunciation. Remember this classic scene from Friends?

Buzzfeed has released a compilation of comical vine videos highlighting seventeen songs with commonly misheard/misquoted lyrics. Some of them are pretty ingenious, such as this little jewel…

Check out the full list here and enjoy. Hopefully this will help your hump-day speed by just a little bit faster. Also, be sure to download Sing-N-Share if you haven’t already. It’s free, it’s fun, and you won’t have to worry about flubbing up the lyrics. 🙂

Melancholy Monday: Good times and good friends

The Damn Yankees rang in the decade that defined my youth (Photo: courtesy of

The Damn Yankees rang in the decade that defined my youth (Photo: courtesy of

I hope you all had a great time this Independence Day! I know I did. Maybe a bit too good, actually. I paid for all the food I ate and, uh… beverages I drank the next morning. Not feeling so great, I decided to stay home Saturday and just rest. Sitting in my favorite chair and thinking about the previous night’s festivities, I couldn’t help but feel a little melancholy about other good times I’d had and the music which defined them.

For example, back in the early ’80s I remember tagging along with my older cousin, her boyfriend, and their friends. We’d go to the arcade (those long forgotten places where kids used to go to play video games before there was such a thing as Xbox), the water park, or the movies, and no matter where we went the entire trip there would be filled with music from her favorite band, The Police.

When I got a little older and was able to talk my parents into letting me hangout with friends without my cousin around, I remember that no matter where we were, be it the mall, the arcade, or at a friend’s house watching MTV (believe it or not, they actually used to play music on that channel), you couldn’t seem to go more than an hour without hearing either something from Madonna, Duran Duran, or this classic from a-ha with the most impossible high-note of the decade…

Then, only a few years later, came a song that, for me, defined a decade; my decade. Puberty, girls, parties, and high school; the 90’s had arrived! In the late 80s, hair bands such as Poison, Motley Crue, and Def Leppard dominated the music scene, and though it wouldn’t be long before a couple Seattle-based bands would take music in a completely different (and awesome!) direction, 1990 produced one more iconic power ballad. A song that also just happened to be playing in the background at a party during my first, um… meaningful “romantic encounter.” Thank you, Damn Yankees!

Though the rest of my teenage years would still be full of good times and great friends, there was also angst, confusion, and even anger. Nothing new, of course, but it was new to me and the 90s gave my generation the perfect opportunity to express those feelings of disenfranchisement through music… and combat boots. Enter, “grunge,” and one of my favorite bands of all time, Nirvana! High school dances became flannel-clad moshpits and we never had a better time being pissed off.

So what songs and music genres define your younger days? Which artists and tunes bring back memories of old friends and good times? Let us know in the comments. Also, be sure to like us on Facebook and download the free Sing-N-Share app for your smartphone or tablet if you haven’t already! It’s a free, easy way to relive those music-filled good old days.

Shanghaied In Shanghai! Chinese police bust karaoke criminals

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

The beauty of Shanghai from afar belies the dangers within (Photo: courtesy of

Excitement, adventure, and the overall desire to experience “something different” are common traits associated with tourists who find their way into the big city. Unfortunately, they are also perfect avenues for criminals to exploit no matter what city you’re in.

According to an article on, fifteen members of a karaoke-based crime gang have been arrested by Shanghai police for luring tourists into “karaoke honey traps.” This musical maffia has allegedly been enticing “witless foreigners” into underground karaoke dens and then extorting them for thousands of pounds for the services provided… whatever those may be.

The Shanghai Daily newspaper reported that unsuspecting tourists were lead into these hidden bars where they were promised an evening in the presence of beautiful women while singing their favorite karaoke tunes. The experience apparently came at a high and unsuspected price, however, as patrons would be approached by “large men” and coerced into paying thousands of pounds before being allowed to leave.

Police eventually rounded up the gang after one lucky gentleman managed to escape from a car in which gang members were holding him and “ran to a nearby police car,” where he told his tale of karaoke kidnapping.

If you plan to travel to Shanghai anytime in the near future, keep your wits about you. The cops may have put an end to one of these groups, but who knows how many other crooner cronies are out there?

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Ed Sheeran’s Harrowing Karaoke Experience

Superstar Ed Sheeran opens up about about a trip to a karaoke bar that ended up in a trip to the hospital (Photo: courtesy of

Superstar Ed Sheeran opens up about a trip to a karaoke bar that ended up in a trip to the hospital (Photo: courtesy of

We all know them, people who say you didn’t really have a good time unless the cops were involved. But what about doctors and nurses? Was it still a good time if you had to go to the ER? Well, Ed Sheeran has given us his view on the subject.

The singer’s second album, X, was released just yesterday. In celebration, Sheeran performed for a few hundred lucky fans at an iHeartRadio Album Release Party in Burbank, California, where he shared some personal anecdotes with host Mario Lopez. One of those tidbits involved a trip to a karaoke bar in Nashville where his exuberance led to a short hospital visit with a friend.

Sheeran told the crowd how he’d been drinking and singing the night away when he accidentally sliced open one of his hands while “playing drums with beer bottles.” Hmm… I mean, you would, wouldn’t you?

Apparently, it was a pretty bad cut as he told the crowd that the white shoes he had been wearing that night turned brown thanks to a rather profuse amount of blood. Thankfully, fellow singer, and apparent knight in shining armor, Gavin DeGraw happened to be there as well.

Sheeran and DeGraw had been taking turns singing each other’s songs, karaoke-style. After seeing Ed’s hand, Gavin stated, “Man, I’ve gotta get you to the hospital!”

According to Ed, Gavin put Sheeran in the backseat of his car and drove him to a local hospital to get stitches. As if that wasn’t enough, DeGraw then took Sheeran out for a burger and then drove the stitched-up singer home. All of that and the two had just met for the first time that very night! Now that is a friend for life!

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“B-Dubs” Is Back: Brian Williams raps “Baby Got Back” on The Tonight Show

Brian Williams gives Sir Mix-A-Lot a run for his money on The Tonight Show (photo: courtesy of

Brian Williams gives Sir Mix-A-Lot a run for his money on The Tonight Show (photo: courtesy of

After this weekend’s sad news about the death of iconic radio personality Casey Kasem, we figured you might be down for a little comic relief. And no one does comic relief like Jimmy Fallon and the geniuses at NBC’s The Tonight Show.

You may remember back in April I posted a video of NBC Nightly News‘ managing editor and anchor Brian Williams “rapping” to Snoop Dogg’s “Gin And Juice.” Well, B-Dubs is back, and Jimmy’s got him covering another classic rap song. Ladies and gentlemen, Brian Williams rapping Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Enjoy! 🙂

These awesome mash-ups have become a semi-regular bit on the show, so it’s only a matter of time before “Bri-Wi” returns. Trust me, when that happens we’ll have it for you here.

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Coach Shelton: “The Voice” star coaches karaoke crooners at CMT Awards post-party

Country superstar Blake Shelton (above) turned CMT Awards post-party into a full-fledged karaoke session (Photo: courtesy

Country superstar Blake Shelton (above) turned CMT Awards post-party into a full-fledged karaoke session (Photo: courtesy

It appears as if country superstar Blake Shelton has taken his role as coach for NBC’s “The Voice” as a personal calling. Hollywood heartthrob James Van Der Beek told sources that the country crooner not only transformed an otherwise average post-CMT Awards party into a full-blown karaokefest, but personally doled out advice and encouragement to the participants, Van Der Beek included.

“I was handing off a drink, a song came on that I’d never heard before and a microphone was handed to me,” Van Der Beek told People Magazine. “Then Blake Shelton was coaching me through it note by note and I was on a table!”

The actor was humble enough, however, not to claim victory in the pseudo-competition. That honor went to Lady Antebellum‘s Charles Kelley, who transported those in attendance back to 1995 with his rendition of Montell Jordan’s “This Is How We Do It.” “He was amazing!” the actor told People. He also gave a little insight into the karaoke preferences of Nashville superstars. “When country stars karaoke, they don’t sing country.”

Sounds like an awesome party and we here at Karaoke Cloud wish we could have been there to see it for ourselves, but getting a firsthand account from James Van Der Beek runs a pretty close second. Thank you, James! Any final details you can give us?


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No Darlin’s For Dolly: The country music icon discusses why she never had kids

Dolly opens up about her choice not to start a family (Photo:

Dolly opens up about her choice not to start a family (Photo:

The American dream has changed quite a bit over the last few decades. The house, white picket-fence, a dog, and 2.1 kids is no longer the driving force behind the aspirations of many American citizens. Still, we glom on to any stories in the tabloids or online having to do with our favorite celebrities’ personal lives, especially when it deals with their families. Why? Because family will always be an important aspect of American culture.

Country music icon Dolly Parton has opened up about her personal views on family and why she decided not to start one of her own during her legendary five-decade career.

“I grew up in a big old family with eight kids younger than me and several of my brothers and sisters came to live with me early on in my life,” Dolly told People Magazine. “I’ve loved their kids just like they’re my grandkids, and now I’ve got great-grand-kids!”

Dolly has always been upfront about her love for family, so why hasn’t she had kids of her own?  According to her, it just wasn’t meant to be. “I often think, it just wasn’t meant for me to have kids so everybody’s kids can be mine.”

Though she’s never had children of her own, the 68-year-old icon possesses a special affinity for kids, and they for her. And she has a pretty good idea why. “I think kids relate to me because they think of me like a Mother Goose or a Fairy Godmother,” she stated. “I’m like a cartoon character; my voice is little and I’m an excitable little person like them! I’m very childlike in that way, in my nature.”

Dolly has just released her 42nd studio album, Blue Smoke, available now on Amazon, Google Play, and iTunes. Also, check out Karaoke Cloud and our free Sing-N-Share app, where you can sing several of Mrs. Parton’s most famous tunes.

“Like A Prayer” Gets 40’s Flare: Postmodern Jukebox’s take on Madonna

Postmodern Jukebox takes pop music into alternate realities (photo:

Postmodern Jukebox takes pop music into alternate realities (photo:

I’m a huge fan of alternate reality tales. Some of my favorite movies, books, and TV episodes of all time are those based on time travel and “what if” scenarios. It should be no wonder, then, that I find myself infatuated with Postmodern Jukebox, and not just because of the ravishingly beautiful Robyn Adele Anderson.

This unique and extremely talented band specializes in giving us “An Alternate History of Pop Music,” and they pull it off with style and pizazz. While they usually center their performances around the most popular songs of the day, this time around they add their distinctive flavor to Madonna‘s 1989 hit “Like A Prayer.” Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 1940’s!

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