Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012 “The Name Game” by Bob Latshaw

Latshaw is no stranger to technology, he wrote his first computer program in 1977 at nine-before the pc existed. After falling in love with karaoke in 2001, he began mentioning his expertise to the dj’s and kj’s he met; four years later Latshaw systems was born.

His first prototype of the product “SongbooksLive.com” reveals the mentality of most VJ’s and their desire to keep sharing without crediting to a minimal. He then developed a way for the file to include to whom it was licensed.

Karaoke is unique however, and it has an advantage over other items that are typically shared. It’s public, unlike an ebook.

To stray away from the CD age and successfully take stake in the digital realm:

  • stick to MP3+G this tech needs to stick around for many many years to come. Stay away from video, it’s just pictures and too easy for someone else to edit
  • If youre going to offer downloads, you’ll want to zip them because it makes for a neater package.
  • this is something microsoft knows and Latshaw is willing to share: older programs can’t keep up with newest zip compression- so it’s advisable to stick to the oldest format.
  • And finally, something Latshaw learned a long time ago: above all else “Keep the Singers Happy”