Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012- “Look What They Done To My Song – UGC on YouTube” by Doug DeLuca

Image48 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute. Coe Exectutive Producer, Doug DeLuca of Jimmy Kimmel Live knows how viable a Youtube Channel can be and wants the karaoke industry to take note-possibly with a karaoke Youtube Channel

3 things must come together for this to happen

  1. All of the “rogue karaoke people” need to come together to meet the demands of the social-internet age for collaboration.
  2. The karaoke industry should also join forces with user-generated content-allow people to video themselves singing karaoke, upload it, and then facilitate the conversation.
  3. Bring karaoke to big events, such as high-profile sporting events, and allow people to join in, video it and upload it.

Youtube and other online, user-generated content is a way to make karaoke social-as it’s meant to be.