How do you save your favorite karaoke venue? Love, and comic strips.


When patrons of SoHo’s Baby Grand heard their favorite karaoke showplace was closing, they reacted differently to the news. As reported in the Wall Street Journal, artist David Iseri drew a comic strip (set in the future) to commemorate the good times they’d all enjoyed there. Three others decided the center could not hold.

What if EVERY diva showed up for karaoke?


Imagine if every famous diva you’d ever heard (or heard of) showed up for one night of karaoke. Now imagine they all sang the same tune, that Number One power ballad and karaoke classic “Total Eclipse Of The Heart“, as written by Jim Steinman and made famous by Bonnie Tyler.

Well, impressionist Christina Bianco did, and here’s what she thinks it may have sounded like.

Wrestlemania stars sing Taylor Swift


Scott Taylor, reporter for Mstarz, says that in promoting the latest Wrestlemania event, stars of the pro rasslin’ outfit turned out at Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on Z100, a Top 40 station in the New York area (and syndicated elsewhere), primed with a video that showed quite a few of the crew doing their level best to sing Taylor Swift’s 22.

We’ll let you judge for yourself how well they succeeded. Link to the report with video is here.

Ladies of SNL reveal their karaoke go-to’s

SNL Ladies

A new article up at Glamour gets the ladies of Saturday Night Live to reveal what it’s really like at those after-parties, and when the karaoke music gets cranked up. Check it out here.

The after-party skinny? “It’s like a fancy dinner where you’re kind of tired,” says Nasim Pedrad.

Note to Cecily Strong – we adore your “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Started A Conversation With At A Party”, but ABBA has never been licensable for karaoke in the USA.

BTW, you can get your own Eminem/Heart/No Doubt karaoke groove on at Karaoke Cloud.

Karaoke Cloud Music City Summit 2012- “Look What They Done To My Song – UGC on YouTube” by Doug DeLuca

Image48 hours of video are uploaded to Youtube every minute. Coe Exectutive Producer, Doug DeLuca of Jimmy Kimmel Live knows how viable a Youtube Channel can be and wants the karaoke industry to take note-possibly with a karaoke Youtube Channel

3 things must come together for this to happen

  1. All of the “rogue karaoke people” need to come together to meet the demands of the social-internet age for collaboration.
  2. The karaoke industry should also join forces with user-generated content-allow people to video themselves singing karaoke, upload it, and then facilitate the conversation.
  3. Bring karaoke to big events, such as high-profile sporting events, and allow people to join in, video it and upload it.

Youtube and other online, user-generated content is a way to make karaoke social-as it’s meant to be.