China Communist Party members caught enjoying – gasp! – karaoke

China Karaoke

Photo courtesy Telegraph UK/

The Telegraph in the UK is reporting that Chinese citizens are appalled to discover their own Communist Party officials have been letting down their hair after 8 pm to have a bit of alcohol and – the horrah – sing a karaoke tune or two.

The Telegraph reports these comments from the People:

 “Wow, a KTV inside a party school,” sniggered one user of the Weibo microblog. “Why not open a foot massage place [too]?’  “Officials can play while they study,” wrote another. “How convenient!”

Now, we here at Karaoke Cloud always advocate taking care of family and business before fun. We encourage safe and harmless ways of controlling stress, of which karaoke ranks near the top. China’s great philosophers understood one must strike a balance between work and play.

So we have some advice for those party officials – open up the karaoke studio to everyone in the community to share in the fun when all the work’s done. You might find it helps bring you closer together to achieve your goals.