Top 20 Karaoke Songs of 2017

Millions of karaoke songs were sung during 2017. Which ones were the most popular? Karaoke Cloud has used its massive database of karaoke plays, spread over 200 million data points, to bring you the ultimate list of the most popular karaoke songs for 2017. Here they are:

20) Copacabana – Barry Manilow

Number 20: CopacabanaBarry Manilow

Released in 1978, it remains one of the most popular karaoke tunes ever. Part of the appeal is the fact that everyone knows the chorus, so it’s great for sing-alongs and beginners at karaoke night. The story-song is a genre that’s easy to like, as it has a clear narrative, and the story of a love triangle gone horribly wrong is engaging. And in spite of the rather sad ending, the music is upbeat and fun.


19) Take Your Time – Sam Hunt

Number 19: Take Your Time – Sam Hunt

Sam Hunt’s second consecutive single from Montevallo was a powerhouse at karaoke night. Originally released four years ago, it’s the first appearance for Hunt on the Karaoke Top Twenty. The half-spoken delivery may help boost the song’s appeal among karaoke newbies.


18) Karma Chameleon – Culture Club

Number 18: Karma Chameleon – Culture Club

Making a leap up seven spots from where it finished last year, it’s the group’s only Number One in the US, and was the biggest selling single in 1983, so it seems their star may still be rising at karaoke night. Worldwide, the single has sold over 5 million copies and topped a total of 17 charts overall. And it’s fun as hell to sing.


17) Buy Me A Boat – Chris Janson

Number 17: Buy Me A Boat – Chris Janson

“Money can’t buy happiness, but it could buy me a boat.” Now that’s a sentiment any self-respecting scratch-card-buying  individual can get behind. And it’s resonating with karaoke audiences – after all, who doesn’t want to win the lottery? Don’t knock it just because this song is about wish-fulfilment. Almost every love song ever written is wish-fulfilment too.


16) Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men

Number 16: Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men

Get used to seeing this song on the Top Twenty Karaoke list. Like, every year. Forever.


15) Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Number 15: Uptown Girl – Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s entire catalog is enjoying a resurgence. “Uptown Girl” is exactly the kind of happy, hyped-for-the-future sing-along that gets the crowds on the karaoke singer’s side instantly. The song’s protagonist is the ultimate optimist, and anyone listening is immediately carried on the tide of happiness. This is how good times are had.


14) Budapest – George Ezra

Number 14: Budapest – George Ezra

This song’s been up and down on the charts all year. It finally comes to rest just inside the Top 15. Using the first three guitar chords Ezra ever learned (don’t pretend you can’t tell), it still managed to be a massive hit, in spite of (or perhaps because of) this.


13) We Built This City – Starship

Number 13: We Built This City – Starship

You may think that because this song figures prominantly on virtually every “Worst Song Ever” chart that it would be massively unpopular for karaoke. You’d be wrong. For a song that everyone claims to hate, it sure gets requested at karaoke night. A lot.


12) Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Number 12: Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler

Like “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”‘s chart appearance last year, this song benefited from a singular event, in this case, an astronomical (heh) amount of interest in the total eclipse enjoyed in the USA in August of 2017. It should be noted however that Jim Steinman, who wrote and produced the tune, is a master at songcraft. This one is a prime example of his talent. It’s theatrical, bombastic, and builds to a great crescendo, which is perfect for karaoke night divas.


11) Humble And Kind – Tim McGraw

Number 11: Humble And Kind – Tim McGraw

This song shot way up the charts from its previous position last year. Part of a trend we’ve seen in 2017 is an increase in popularity for songs that have positive messaging. This one is a fine example, as a mentor gives advice on a happy life to the listener. It’s good advice, and a great song.


10) Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

Number 10: Baby Got Back – Sir Mix-A-Lot

This song hits the list every year. Demographics seem to suggest that it’s particularly popular in metro areas with a mid-to-large college campus nearby. Go figure.


9) Jingle Bells – Christmas

Number 9: Jingle Bells – Christmas

While holiday and seasonal tracks are strong back-catalog, it was a surprise to see it place so highly on the year-end chart. It’s pretty widely accepted as one of the most popular Christmas songs in the repertoire, but this year’s performance is exceptional to say the least. What fun it is to ride and sing a sleighing song tonight!


8) Piano Man – Billy Joel

Number 8: Piano Man – Billy Joel

Another surprise – this one’s longer than the typical karaoke song, though nowhere near “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” territory. This is Joel’s second big score on the chart this year, and it’s not that hard to see why –  the sing-along chorus and crowd-pleasing melody is a natural for karaoke night.


7) OMG – Usher ftg.

Number 7: OMG – Usher ftg.

This one is tracking quite a bit lower than the Number 2 position that it enjoyed last year. The original featured auto-tuned vocals, which many found annoying, but of course that’s not an issue at karaoke night, unless your local KJ is fully kitted-out. The beat is hard to resist, and it’s fun for two guys to sing together for the luls. Try it.


6) I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Number 6: I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred

Boasting and sexual innuendo never seem to go out of style. Everybody knows this one, so it’s a crowd-pleaser, and just as long as the singer doesn’t begin to disrobe during the performance, it’s almost guaranteed to be a ton of fun on a bun.


5) I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly

Number 5: I Believe I Can Fly – R. Kelly

Positive messaging, as mentioned above, seem to be on a general upswing. This may be due to the current social/political climate, but it’s impossible to fault anyone for wanting to feel good. Karaoke is all about having a great time, and this song is definitely swings that way.


4) I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

Number 4: I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor

A perennial favorite that holds serve. Jilted lovers everywhere want to sing this. Always.


3) Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Number 3: Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd

Pretty powerful performance from an old staple. May have something to do with the national football brand.


2) Save It For A Rainy Day – Kenny Chesney

Number 2: Save It For A Rainy Day – Kenny Chesney

Kind of a sleeper, so its position this high on the chart raised a few eyebrows. It’s good to see country music maintaining a strong presence in karaoke request, and this is another positive message in the face of heartbreak that seems to be powering karaoke selections all over the world this year.


1) Cheerleader – OMI

Number 1: Cheerleader – OMI

Probably comes as no surprise. It was Number One in 20 countries, and it’s got a fun, happy-time melody and beat. Enjoy.

You can sing all these great songs and tons more on our consumer platform at Karaoke Cloud. The playlist for these Top 20 Karaoke Songs of 2017 can be found here.


Musical Moments

Like many people, when I listen to music it brings back memories.  With that said, let’s take it back a little to a time when certain songs really made me feel the moment and brought back some memories.

  • VuH6M4fF

    Picture from The Wiggles twitter @thewiggles

    When I was younger, I used to travel a lot. We would spend hours at a time bored to tears in the car with the only entertainment being singing along to songs with my mom and little brother as we drove to who knows where. My little brother was in the car seat next to me and he loved watching The Wiggles on TV. I remember we had the windows rolled down and were blasting “Fruit Salad” by the Wiggles going about 80+ miles per hour down the highway. I remember feeling completely at peace and highly entertained by my brother singing “woot savlid tummy tummy” because he was too young to actually know the words. My mom and I would just laugh and sing along with him.


  • Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.48.22 AM

    Fanmade cover: Felipe Franklin

    Another time when I was a little older (19), a time I was young dumb and thought I knew what love was. I was so into this guy who at the time was my boyfriend (my first relationship ever by the way) but he never seemed to really care after we started dating. He would always make excuses and I tried my best to understand. We were both college students. He would spend hours on Facebook a day and not even a few minutes with me during the week. About that time I had really gotten into Panic! At The Disco and their album “Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die!” There is a song called “Nicotine” and the lyrics

“It’s better to burn than to fade away
It’s better to leave than to be replaced”

Those lyrics really spoke to me. I decided it wasn’t a healthy relationship and was more of a one-sided “love” so I broke up with him. Honestly, I never thought I would do something like that. He was a totally different person after we decided to date. If you’re wondering his response to me breaking up with him, it was “yeah ok. whatever I like this other girl anyway and I have been seeing her for like 2 months.”  Hurt with his response, yes, but I also felt happier after that. I listed to that Panic! At The Disco album a million times after that and fell in love with the group. They are now on my top 5 favorite singers list.


  • Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 11.46.44 AM

    Facebook/Owensboro Christmas Lights

    This last one is always around Christmas time. My mom loves listening to Christmas music (from frosty the snowman to rocking around the Christmas tree) and seeing all the lights and decorations people put outside their houses. Every year my whole family would pile into the car, we would all have travel cups with hot cocoa, Christmas music playing in the car and would drive into different neighborhoods and look at all the beautiful lights. A real feeling of peace always sets in when we do that. It’s a yearly tradition and one I plan to do with my kids in the future.

Justin Timberlake Super Bowl 2018

News broke recently that Justin Timberlake would be the halftime singer during the Super Bowl of 2018 and some people are not happy.


Photo:Getty Images

Back in 2004, Timberlake was the halftime singer during the Super Bowl XXXVIII with Janet Jackson alongside him.

Timberlake was singing his hit song “Rock Your Body” when Jackson slid next to him on stage, joining his vocals.

Towards the end of the song, Timberlake sang ‘Bet I’ll have you naked by the end of this song,” right as he ripped a piece of Jackson’s top off, exposing Jackson’s pierced nipple to thousands in the crowd, and millions more who were watching from home.

It was big news for some time, so when Justin announced he would be at the 2018 Super Bowl halftime show as the star, some people were not happy, and either objected to his performance, or wanted him to apologize before or during show. Others think he should just do the show. 

Justin Timberlake has since received some backlash, but for now, he will take center stage at the 2018 Super Bowl!

I get why people are upset, but still think he deserves a second chance.


On The Road Tour Stories and Horrors

Musicians often go on tour to different states and countries to sing their hearts out to their fans. They often make this happen by taking tour buses on which they travel for hours, and sometimes this can lead to some on the road horror stories.

There are a lot of horror stories involving music tour buses and to help give you an idea of the horrors that can open on the road are three stories as told by a lighting designer Christopher (drummer of Nemes), and Mateo Vosganian, drummer of Wild Adriatic. 

1.)This story was told by a lighting designer for several of the biggest metal and hip-hop acts of the ’90s.

Imagine, you’re on a long bus drive with a driver who doesn’t seem to care about the bus or the crew that rides on said bus. It’s around four in the morning and it’s calm and quiet on the bus. All of a sudden, the bus curtains fly open and the bus driver’s “sweating and looking like he’s just seen a dead relative.Turns out “he had started going through the DTs (Delirium Tremens, “the shakes”) while he was in the middle of driving, and there were apparently spiders and snakes coming off of the steering wheel at him. So they decided to help him drive.

I say next time, get a new driver.This one had to be the one the struck me the most from ones that I read because that would literally be my nightmare.

2.)This next one comes from Christopher Anthony, drummer of Nemes.

101712i-NemesDave, Josh, and Christopher got a van for the great deal of only $1,000. While they were driving their new van to their show in Bangor, ME, their tire blew going about 80 mph while in a passing lane. Luckily they made it to the breakdown lane. Poor guys had no AAA/any car road side assistance service, so the guitarist (Matt Kelley at the time) and Christoper hitchhike all the way to Midas. They found a place and explained their situation where later their tire was fixed and they hit the road again.

This has happened to me before and it was so scary so I can only imagine their hearts dropped out their butts when this happened. Luckily I had a spare and was able to change it until I could make it to a tire place to get a new tire put on.

3.) Lastly, from Mateo Vosganian, drummer of Wild Adriatic


Photo: Charles Thorpe

They were in Tampa, FL to play at a festival for one of their favorite radio stations (WMNF). They were in a courtyard in downtown Ybor City and ready to  perform. While on stage, Mateo noticed the drum riser was extremely bouncy and unstable. As they continued to play the cymbals actually bounced off the drum riser and staff members of the festival came up to figure out how to stabilize the riser without stopping the show. Apparently, while they were are figuring things out the beam snapped and was about ready to fall.  They ended up using wood planks and a few car jacks to keep it stable until their performance was over. Mateo thought he was going to die that night and was happy to get off the riser safe and sound.

I would have freaked out and stopped the show. If I seriously thought I was going to die, falling off a bad riser is now how I would want to go.

For more music tour horror stories, click here.

Concert Mishaps


Image courtesy of Rony Alwin (via ABC News Radio)

A lot can go wrong during a concert and often times do.  Katy Perry is no stranger to malfunctions at her shows (such as walking off the stage). Most recently, Perry was stuck flying high over the audience at her concert in Nashville, TN. She was stuck on planet Saturn at her show, at least it wasn’t Uranus (ha! get it?).

“I’m really stuck,” she told concert attendees. “This is the first time that I’ve been stuck in space. I know I’m kind of a space cadet, but actually, this thing is being stuck right now.”



Another recent concert mishap happened to Marilyn Manson. Mr.Manson was minding his own business performing at the Hammerstein Ballroom when all of a sudden the props of two large guns held together with scaffolding fell, crushing him. He was rushed to the hospital were Ms. Tolles (his publicist) did not detail the nature or severity of Mr. Manson’s injuries or offer specifics about how they happened but did make a statement that said, “Manson hopes to return to the stage soon.”

If you want to watch Mr.Masons prop fall performance (which I know you do and you know it too) you can check it out here.


Those are just two of the many concert mishaps that have happened over the years. With that said, performs beware.

Music Memes

Something that is constantly trending is memes and I cannot get enough of them. To brighten up your Wednesday, also known as Humpday, here are some funny, relatable and also adorable music related memes.



They are so small! Then you find like 20 in the washer/dryer machine…oops.


Like…excuse me! That took me a long time to get my settings that way. Hands to your self!


Do-Re-Miow-Fa-So-La-ti-DOOOOOOOOO! Sing it kitty!


I’m with you! Who needs bedtime when you can shred the guitar.


One hop this time…what a classic!


My parents always say “back in my day blah blah blah”…guess it’s the same for tapes and their children-Ipods.


Charlie Puth Breaking Ground

Charlie Puth

2/22/2016 by Chris Martins

Charlie Puth is well known for his song “We Don’t Talk Anymore” featuring artist Selena Gomez. Charlie now has a newly released song, “Attention“, which has quickly become a hit. I myself, am a huge fan of Mr. Puth and when I started going through all of his songs I was surprised to see when he actually started his career as a singer and it’s great to see where he was and where he is now.

Let’s take it back a little and review the evolution of Charlie Puth.

Charlie Puth years in review:

  • 2009: Charlie first started making YouTube videos in 2009, his old channel has since been deleted.
  • 2011: Charlie became a contestant on “Can You Sing” with host Perez Hilton, which is said to be how he originally kick-started his career. He was also nominated in 2011 for a  PopCrush music award and won!
  • 2015 was a big year for Charlie and a busy one at that. His songs “See You Again” featuring Wiz Khalifa and “One Call Away” was nominated 7 times and won 3/7. Some of those nominations were for the Teen Choice Award, MTV Europe Awards, American Music Awards, Radio Disney Music Award, and Hollywood Music in Media Awards.
  • 2016 his song “See You Again” continued to stay at the top of the charts landed him nominations at the Billboard Music Awards five times with him taking home one win. He was also nominated Top New Artist. MTV Europe Music Awards nominated him for Best Push Act Award as well.
  • In 2017, he was up for another nomination on behalf of MTV Video Music Awards  for Best Collaboration with artist Selena Gomez for their song “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”
  • In 2018, BreakTudo Awards 2017 reached out to him and he was nominated again, this time for Best Male Artist International.


He has not had any recent wins but is definitely breaking ground with his new song. With the way things are going for him, I am sure he will have another win soon.


10/19/2017 by Allison Stubblebine

Keep doing your thing, Charlie!



Number 1 spot

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 12.56.49 PMIn the music industry, there is a constant competition to be at the top of the charts.There are many factors that go into who makes it to the number 1 spot when it comes to the music world.

The week of September 30, 2017, Taylor Swift was at the top of a chart and no one could take her crown for that golden number one spot. She stayed at the top for 4 straight weeks before Cardi B.  came in and kicked her off her golden throne.

With Cardi B. now on top, other artists such as Imagine Dragons, are climbing the ladder ready to take the number one spot.

What does it take to claw your way to the top though?

  • Airplay
  • Social Media
  • Streaming
  • Album sales
  • Views
  • And even fan base

Just to name a few.

It takes more than just an artist’s voice to make it to the Billboard top 100 though. Making a song, let alone an album takes a lot of time, talent, and labor. 

As for cost, nowadays, it could easily cost you  $10,000 to $1 million.  When it comes to time, studios typically rent out the recording rooms for 8 to 12 a time.

Next time you see a new artist at the top, just know, it took a lot to get there. Hats off to those who made it to the number 1 spot, or even on the top 100 chart.



Best Disney Songs To Sing

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 9.13.00 AMDisney fans rejoice! Recently, Disney released a list of movies they are releasing over the next 3 years (such as Frozen 2 and Toy Story 4)! I am fangirling right now! This has had me singing lots of Disney songs non-stop since the news came out.

It’s no secret that Disney has some amazing and extremely catchy songs. You can’t help but sing along with all your heart and soul. Sometimes, you even have to get up and dance to the songs as well.

Did you know Karaoke Cloud has a playlist of Disney songs that you can sing along to? Well, we do! It is called “Magic Singdom“, it allows you to sing ITSO artists such as Christina Aguilera and the Beauty and the Beast cast.

The playlist has a total of 44 songs. Here are our top 10 best Disney songs to sing along to:

  1. Beauty And The Beast – Be Our Guest-A song you can’t help but sing alond to.
  2. Alessia Cara – How Far I’ll Go-A song full of inspiration
  3. Maurice Chevalier – Aristocats, The-A classic for your soul.
  4. Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle – A Whole New World-The best duet.
  5. Kristen Bell, Agatha Lee Monn And Latie Lopez – Do You Want To Build A Snowman-An easy song to sing and one that everyone loves
  6. Christina Aguilera – Reflection – A song sung from the heart.
  7. From The Disney Movie Tangled – I’ve Got A Dream
  8. High School Musical – What Time Is It– This song get’s you pumped and makes you want to dance.
  9. Beauty And The Beast – Gaston (Reprise)-You gotta have a song about the bad guy in a movie
  10. Elton John – I Just Can’t Wait To Be King-Another great song that you sing from your soul.

Don’t be afraid to grab that mic or hairbrush and sing your heart out and dance like no one is watching!

Now, please excuse me, I have a hairbrush to sing into to some Disney songs.

Is this the hardest karaoke song in the world?

Tourism organization Inspired by Iceland wants you to know how to pronounce common words in their notoriously-difficult language, and to guide you along, they’ve created this helpful little video, which may indeed be the hardest karaoke ever.

With a catchy tune and simple(!) lyrics, performer (and native comedian) Steindi Jr guides you through everyday Icelandic words and phrases during the sing-along song, set among the stunning landscapes that the beautiful island nation has to offer.

We’ve tried it, and can testify that the words are… challenging. Here’s some tourists tryharding on the tune:

And if you’re ready to take up the challenge yourself, here’s the full video: