“Live” Michael Jackson Performance Wows at Billboard Awards!

The immortal Michael Jackson gives an amazing posthumous "live" performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (photo: popsugar.com)

The immortal Michael Jackson gives an amazing posthumous “live” performance at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards (photo: popsugar.com)

It’s as if he never died. Michael Jackson has been turning heads and making headlines over the past several weeks, just like he did before his tragic and untimely death in June of 2009. His new hit single “Love Never Felt So good” (performed with Justin Timberlake) debuted at #20 on the Billboard Hot 100, the official video has reached over 9.5 million views on VEVO, and the parent album, Xscapeis currently vying for the top spot on the Billboard 200 albums chart.

To top it off, Jackson rocked the Billboard Music Awards last night with a “live” holographic performance of another track from the Xscape album, “Slave To The Rhythm.”

The performance brought out an array of emotional responses, both positive and negative. While many MJ fans were tearful over the chance to see their idol on stage one more time, many others took to Twitter to voice their displeasure over the idea that the music industry continues to exploit Michael and make money at his expense.

This isn’t the first time a deceased music icon has been resurrected via modern technology. Back in 2007, Celine Dion performed a duet side-by-side with “The King,” Elvis Presley on American Idol. And in 2012, Coachella thrilled concert-goers with an amazing holographic performance from Tupac as he walked the stage and performed with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre (NSFW).

With how quickly technology continues to improve and break through previously set barriers, iconic rock stars of the past truly are becoming immortal… whether they want to be or not.

“Black Belt Willie”: the Mellow Minstrel is master of more than music

Willie Nelson ears his 5th degree black belt (photo courtesy of Austin American-Statesman, Ralph Barrera)

Willie Nelson earns his 5th degree black belt (photo courtesy of Austin American-Statesman, Ralph Barrera)

Art is art, be it musical or martial. After nearly 20 years of dedicated study, country music icon Willie Nelson was promoted to 5th degree black belt on Monday (4/28) in the Korean martial art of GongKwon Yusul. Not too shabby for a man who turns 81 today!

Though Nelson didn’t show off his skills during the low-key ceremony held at his dojang (training hall) in Austin, Texas, his instructor, Grand Master Sam Um, stated that Nelson could definitely hold his own and also pointed out that “he (Nelson) has more stamina than I do!” Of course, we all know that Willie has very effective ways of conserving his energy.

The “Red-Headed Stranger” joins an impressive list of celebrities and icons who have also earned black belt-status in their respective martial arts, including Ed O’Neil (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu), James Caan (Gosoku Ryu Karate), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Taekwondo), and the late/great Elvis Presley (Chito Ryu and Kempo Karate).

Nelson with Grand Master Sam Um (courtesy Ralph Barrera)

Nelson with Grand Master Sam Um (courtesy Ralph Barrera)

We here at Karaoke Cloud congratulate you, Master Nelson, both for your promotion and the celebration of your 81st birthday. We hope you keep on kickin’ for many years to come!

Sing-N-Share: Putting the “#” in #merrychristmas


There is no medium more powerful than music when it comes to expressing our feelings to our friends and family. Social media has made it possible to do this pretty much anywhere and at anytime. Now Sing-N-Share is adding a personal touch by allowing users to not only share meaningful songs on their favorite social media site, but to record those songs in their own voice.

social media 4

Think about it. Your job has forced you to move hundreds of miles from home and you can’t get the time off to visit for the holidays. Your husband or wife is in the military and deployed overseas through the first of the year. Are your loved ones more likely to appreciate an uploaded YouTube video of your favorite Christmas tune or the same song sung by you, personalized just for them, and posted to their Facebook wall for everyone to see? Sing-N-Share makes it easy to show those closest to you that you’re thinking about them regardless of where they are.

Since the Sing-N-Share app is 100% cost free to consumers, thanks to the fact that it is totally ad-supported by LiveRail, it also makes for a very cost-effective way to share your holiday greetings with friends and family all around the world. In an article posted on Investopedia.com, author Amanda Haury stated that according to the American Research Group “In 2011, the average American spent $646 on holiday gifts. In 2012, it is expected that the average American will be spending $854 in gifts for friends and loved ones.” Keep in mind that this was just the cost for gifts and did not include decorations, travel expenses, holiday cards, or food. It is unclear how much Americans will be spending in 2013, but if the trend continues it will be even more than last year. Sing-N-Share just might help cut the corners on that hefty budget so you don’t have a “Blue Christmas.”

The Sing-N-Share app will be available soon for both iOS and Android based mobile devices. In the mean time, be sure to check out Karaoke Cloud and KaraokeOnVEVO for more of your favorite Christmas carols and contemporary Christmas songs.

Every Day Should Be Veterans Day: A patriotic top-5!



Patriotism in the United States reaches a climax around this time every year. Every Veterans Day we all take the time to remember those who have fought and paid the ultimate price for the freedoms we enjoy every single day, just as we should. I personally could not be prouder of our men and women in uniform, past and present. So why am I posting this blog the day after Veterans Day? To make this point: Every day should be Veterans Day! One day just isn’t enough. We should never forget those who have gone before or those who will sacrifice everything tomorrow. We should be eternally grateful and show that appreciation continuously.

In that spirit of thankfulness, we present to you (in no particular order) five of the most beloved patriotic songs in history.

And we start with…the Boss. Bruce Springsteen may be a karaoke holdout (not allowing his iconic songs to be licensed for karaoke), but it’s impossible to deny that “Born In The USA” is, without a doubt, as American as it gets.

In 1985 James Brown released a monumental single that became a pop-culture phenomenon. “Living in America” was featured prominently in the movie “Rocky IV” with the Godfather himself performing the song flanked by showgirls, American flags, and fireworks. I ask you, does it get more patriotic than that?

I’ll never forget the first time I heard Lee Greenwood belt out his most beloved song “God Bless The USA” at a live event in Sevierville, TN. I’m not a very emotional person, but I’m not afraid to admit that night my eyes welled up. Amazing song…amazing tribute.

So far we’ve heard from the Boss, the Godfather, and one of the great patriots. Now it’s time to listen to the King. Written by country singer/songwriter Mickey Newbury, “An American Trilogy” was made famous (huge understatement) by Elvis Presley who incorporated it as a regular part of his concert routine in the 1970’s. Take a little time and pay tribute to both the King and our great nation…

Rounding out our list in the High Priest, Brother Ray! America is all about soul and no one embodies soul more than Motown great Ray Charles. Leaving his rendition of “America The Beautiful” off this list would be like leaving syrup off of pancakes; un-American!

I hope you all had a wonderful Veterans Day, but please remember to keep the men and women of our armed forces in your thoughts and prayers every day of the year.

Ten people you meet at karaoke


You know them all.

They’re present at every karaoke night, in Anytown, USA, determined to embellish your quality of life with their idea of the superior karaoke experience. As a public service, to help you readily identify the various species of Genus Karaokus, we present this by-no-means exhaustive list, in all their glory, or lack thereof.

The Diva. Dressed for a cocktail party and dripping with costume jewelry, she sings well, smells great, looks fantastic, and is well and truly aware of all three.

Performs like: a Broadway understudy being given her first big chance. Will be drinking: room-temperature mineral water. Will ask the KJ: at least three times to adjust the reverb on her microphone because it’s “too dry”. Will leave when: the crowd fills less than half the room. Favorite song: “My Heart Will Go On” – Celine Dion.

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The Karaoke Hall Of Fame


DigiTrax Karaoke has the new April 2013 Pop/Rock release ready for you at Karaoke Cloud, and it just happens to include “Hall Of Fame” in the style of The Script. And while we’re on the subject, we’re not too modest to say that we think DigiTrax Karaoke is definitely Hall Of Fame material.

If there were a Karaoke Hall Of Fame, this is what we think you’d find there:

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